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Easing the pressure of medically related cases.

Are medical cases weighing you down and prohibiting you from working on the legal aspects of your cases? If so, PS Kline Consulting is your solution. As a Registered Nurse (RN) and Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC), I analyze medical records and communicate what they say in terms my clients can understand.  I will make you look good in court by preparing you appropriately.  If needed, I will provide you with a chronology that you and your expert can use in depositions &/or trial.  I have 24 years of health care experience and I work with attorneys, insurance companies, government agencies and hospital risk management on any case that has a medical issue.

Do you find yourself or your staff working overtime on medical cases because you don’t understand all the medical jargon and how the health care environment functions? Nurses are the best people to assist with medical cases as we are all too familiar with charting and know exactly what is meant by certain charting notations.  Paralegals and other legal personnel without a nursing background are not as likely to “read between the lines” in a medical chart due to lack of medical experience.   I don’t read the chart and do a chronology word for word, I analyze the chart and make note of deviations from the standards of care (SOC).  I focus on issues that lay persons may not know are relevant to the case such as missing medical records and what should have been charted and wasn’t.  As a nurse, I am familiar with the problems in the health care arena such as mandatory overtime, increased complexity of patients’ illnesses, working within tight budgets and short staffing issues.  As a team, we can quickly and efficiently work on your cases saving the exorbitant costs of experts and others that may not be needed.

Are you satisfied with your Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Vendor?

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