gavel, glasses, law bookPS Kline Consulting provides over 30 services, some are listed below:

  • Define adherence’s to and deviations from the applicable Standards of Care (SOC)
  • Prepare Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) and Cost Projections
  • For new cases, prepare interrogatories, reports, chronologies, time lines, summaries and reviews regarding medical records and patient care issues
  • For cases already filed, review and provide useful chronologies of the records and  informative reports on the medical issues
  • Translate, summarize and  interpret medical records
  • Attend Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s)
  • Provide reports on research that include specific SOC or appropriate journal articles or authoritative text references to support the medical issues involved
  • Identify if an expert is needed for the case and locate and communicate with the expert as needed
  • Identify SOC that relate to the case and help in identifying causation and damages in medical malpractice cases and product liability cases
  • Review of cases to determine merit before a lawsuit is filed
  • Provide support in medical depositions and prepare questions as needed
  • Assist in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits for depositions and trials
  • Organize, tab and paginate the medical records
  • I have a large network of Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC’s) and expert witnesses all over the United States

Types of cases PS Kline Consulting assists with:

  • Medical and nursing malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Products liability
  • Toxic torts
  • Cases that involve injury, health or illness