Why Choose a CLNC

Certification demonstrates that the nurse has acquired a specialized knowledge base that extends beyond the nursing degree.

stethoscopeI already have a paralegal on my team, why would I need a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)?
A paralegal has specialized knowledge of legal issues, a LNC is a nurse with specialized knowledge and skills that come with the experience of having worked in the healthcare environment.  A paralegal and a LNC make a great team.

I currently use doctors, why would I need a LNC?
Nurses are very nitpicky regarding patient care and charting and we know the medical chart inside and out.  We also know the inner workings of the healthcare environment better. Nurses critique patient care and medical charts everyday and LNC’s are more cost effective than doctors.

What is the difference between a behind the scenes consultant and an expert witness?
Expert witnesses can only speak to their area of specialty (Example: an Orthopedic nurse or doctor that is an expert witness can only speak to the Standards Of Care (SOC) for orthopedic medicine, not any other area of medicine or nursing) and must be clinically active.  A behind the scenes consultant can speak to the SOC for both medical and nursing issues in any specialty and does not need to be clinically active.  This means the behind the scenes consultant can dedicate more time to the case at hand.  An expert witnesses work product is discoverable by the opposing side, the behind the scenes consultants work product is generally not discoverable.   The behind the scenes consultant is more cost effective and can locate an expert witness if they are needed.